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QA Course for QTP Testing

QA Course for QTP Testing

Quality Assurance is a very important part of software development. You want to make sure that your product or service meets the standards set by you and your team. In order to do this, testing is required. There are many different ways to go about doing QA testing such as manual, unscripted automation testing tools like Quality Center, and scripted automation testing tools like Quick Test Pro (QTP). Each method has its own pros and cons but no matter which way you choose, it’s crucial that each test case be well thought out before any execution takes place in order for results to come back with the most accurate information possible.

QA Course for QTP Certification

Automating your QTP testing tool can greatly improve the speed and quality of your software tests. To make sure you are practicing best practices when automating software tests with Quality Center, be sure to take advantage of the training offered by CheckmateITTech. The training is delivered online through video lectures, labs, and demonstrations that cover all aspects of using automated testing tools such as QTP(Quick Test Pro) for test execution and reporting purposes. You’ll learn how to automate any type or size application or component using a streamlined approach.

QA for QTP Salary

Quality Assurance Automation is one of the fastest growing fields in STEM. With salaries rising at an average rate of 10% each year, it’s no wonder why Quality Assurance automation professionals are in such high demand right now.  The Average salary of a QA for QTP is $98k per year and based on your experience, you can reach up to $120k per year.

Learn QA Certification for SoapUI

What is UFT/ QTP

Basics of UFT/ QTP

UFT Installation

Object Repository, local and Shared Repository

Basic Test Cases of UFT


Parameterization, Data Driven

Synchronisation, Test Batch Runner and Transaction

Actions in UFT


Interview Questions, Assignments and Quizzes

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