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Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate

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Certification as a Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate demonstrates how to manage Azure cloud services and tools. Administrators set up and run virtual machines, set up networking, and make sure the Azure setting is safe. They deal with storage, identity, and keeping an eye on resources to improve efficiency. It is important to know how to use Azure Portal, PowerShell, and Azure CLI. This certification shows that you know how to manage Azure infrastructure, make sure it is always available, and help businesses with their cloud operations.


Welcome to our complete training program for Microsoft Azure Administrator Associates! In the ever-changing world of cloud technology, Azure Administrators are key to controlling, securing, and making the best use of cloud resources on the Microsoft Azure platform. Our training is meant to give you the skills and information you need to become a skilled Azure Administrator Associate who can manage Azure resources well and make sure they work.

Why Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate?

As more companies use cloud technology, they are going to need more skilled Azure Administrators. These professionals are in charge of setting up, controlling, and keeping an eye on cloud services to make sure they run smoothly and meet business goals Here’s why mastering Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate is essential for cloud management

Resource Management:

Azure Administrators take care of virtual machines, storage, networking, and other Azure resources.

Security and Compliance:

Administrators set up security rules, keep track of who is using what, and make sure compliance.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting:

Administrators keep an eye on Azure services, fix problems, and improve how well they work.

Cost Management:

Administrators figure out how to use resources most effectively, keep prices in check, and handle billing.

Key Highlights of Our Training:

Introduction to Azure Administration:

Learn about the job of an Associate Azure Administrator, Azure services, and basic ideas.

Azure Virtual Machines:

Learn how to set up, configure, and manage virtual machines for different types of work.

Azure Storage:

Learn about Azure Storage, including Azure Blob Storage, Azure Files, Azure Disk Storage, and redundant files.

Azure Networking:

Explore VNet (Virtual Network), Azure Load Balancer, and network protection groups in Azure’s networking section.

Identity and Access Management:

Learn about Azure Active Directory, RBAC (Role-Based Access Control), and multi-factor identification.

Monitoring and Management Tools:

Learn about Azure Monitor, Azure Log Analytics, and Azure Policy, which are all tools for monitoring and managing.

Azure Backup and Recovery:

Dive into how to use Azure services to set up backup and disaster recovery options.

Security and Compliance:

Think about putting in place security controls, encryption, and guidelines for compliance.

Why Choose Our Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate Training?

Expert Teachers:

Learn from experienced Azure managers who share real-world tips and the best ways to do things in the industry.

Hands-On Learning:

Labs, hands-on exercises, and real-world situations give you real-world experience.

Cloud Management Proficiency:

Learn skills that are in high demand for cloud operations and Azure administrator jobs.

Career Advancement:

If you know how to use Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate, you can move up in your career in cloud management, IT operations, and support.

Exam Preparation:

Our training is meant to get you ready for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate exam (AZ-104).

Flexible Learning Formats:

You can choose to take online courses at your own pace or attend live sessions led by a teacher to fit your schedule.

Who Should Attend:

  • IT Professionals
  • System Administrators
  • Cloud Enthusiasts
  • Anyone interested in mastering Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate for cloud management

Why Choose Checkmate IT Tech?

If you are looking for training providers that offer ongoing support and resources to help you succeed in your Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate journey. Checkmate IT offers a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate, including both theoretical and practical aspects. These may include access to trainers, online communities, practice exercises, and job placement assistance. Checkmate IT Tech offers flexible training options that suit your schedule and learning preferences.


  • Understanding the Role of a Microsoft Azure Administrator
  • Overview of Microsoft Azure Services, Offerings, and Use Cases
  • Setting up an Azure Account and Access Management
  • Understanding Azure Subscriptions, Management Groups, and Resource Groups
  • Managing Azure Resources and Tags for Organization
  • Implementing Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) for Access Management
  • Deploying Virtual Machines (VMs) in Azure
  • Configuring VM Sizes, Availability, and Extensions
  • Managing VM Storage and Backup Solutions
  • Setting up Virtual Networks (VNets) and Subnets
  • Configuring Network Security Groups and Route Tables
  • Implementing Azure VPN and ExpressRoute for Hybrid Connectivity
  • Managing User Identity and Authentication with Azure Active Directory
  • Creating and Managing Azure AD Users, Groups, and Roles
  • Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Conditional Access
  • Implementing Azure Policy and Compliance Controls
  • Securing Data at Rest and in Transit with Encryption
  • Monitoring and Auditing Security Events with Azure Security Center
  • Implementing Azure Firewall and Network Security Groups
  • Configuring Azure Load Balancer and Application Gateway
  • Using Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Azure DNS
  • Implementing Azure Blob Storage, Table Storage, and Azure Files
  • Managing Azure Storage Accounts, Access Control, and Replication
  • Using Azure Backup and Site Recovery for Data Protection
  • Understanding Azure Database Services: SQL Database, Cosmos DB, and more
  • Deploying and Managing Azure SQL Databases
  • Implementing Data Replication, Backup, and Restore
  • Monitoring Azure Resources with Azure Monitor and Log Analytics
  • Implementing Azure Application Insights for Application Performance
  • Troubleshooting Common Azure Issues and Performance Problems
  • Implementing Azure Automation and Runbooks
  • Using Azure Logic Apps for Workflow Automation
  • Managing Azure Resources with PowerShell and Azure CLI
  • Guided Hands-On Projects: Managing Azure Resources and Solutions
  • Practice Exams and Exam Preparation Strategies
  • Review of Key Concepts and Takeaways
  • Discussion of Further Learning Paths and Resources
  • Certificates of Completion

Career Transition


  • An introduction to Azure and cloud computing
  • The Azure Portal and Azure PowerShell
  • The Azure Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Virtual Networking (Subnet, VPN, and Virtual Network) in Azure
  • Azure App Services and Azure Virtual Machines (VMs)
  • Blob, File, Table, and Queue Storage Services from Azure
  • SQL Database and Cosmos DB from Azure Database Services
  • Security and Compliance for Azure
  • Monitoring and Management of Azure (Azure Monitor, Log Analytics)
  • Resource Groups and Azure Resource Management
  • Traffic Manager and Azure Load Balancing
  • Active Directory (AD) in Azure
  • Backup and Recovery in Azure
  • Azure Price Management and Cost Management
  • Automation and the Azure Automation Services

Meet Your Mentors

James collins

With more than 10 years of experience in IT. I have worked with clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations, helping them use Azure's features to reach their business goals. My achievements include design and leading the execution of a complex multi-region Azure deployment for a global e-commerce platform, which was one of my biggest accomplishments. The goal of this project was to create a system that was highly available and had little downtime during times of high traffic. I have also been named a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for my work in the Azure community. As a mentor, I am very excited to share my real-world knowledge and help aspiring professionals to learn about Azure. My goal is to help you not only understand the technical parts of Azure, but also the attitude to solve real world challenges.

Ryan Murphy

I have worked in IT for over 12 years, so I have a lot of hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the field. As a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect and an experienced Azure Administrator, I have managed and optimized Azure environments for companies of all sizes, from startups to global businesses. As an Azure administrator, I have designed and handled the migration of on-premises infrastructures to the cloud, put in place strong security measures, and make sure that resources are managed well. As your mentor for the Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate course, I am committed to giving you real-world examples, practical tips, and the best ways to do things in business. We will work together to figure out how to manage virtual machines, set up networking, and keep Azure resources safe. Join me on this life-changing learning trip and find out how to use Azure Cloud Administration to its fullest.

Juan Rahul

I'm an Azure DevOps engineer. I’ve been at the forefront of helping organizations streamline their development processes using Azure's robust DevOps capabilities. I’ve led DevOps transformations for startups and established enterprises alike, implementing Azure DevOps pipelines that automate build, test, and deployment workflows. One of my notable achievements was reducing deployment times for a large e-commerce application from days to minutes, enhancing both efficiency and customer satisfaction. Together, we'll explore Azure's tools for automating software delivery and learn how to ensure smooth collaboration between development and operations teams.

Program Fee


Admissions are closed once the requisite number of participants enroll for the upcoming cohort. Apply early to secure your seat.

"Begin your journey with a 20% upfront payment, and our dedicated associate will guide you through the enrollment process."

Career Services By Checkmate IT Tech

Placement Assistance

Placement opportunities are provided once the learner is moved to the placement pool. Get noticed by our 400+ hiring partners.

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Placement opportunities are provided once the learner is moved to the placement pool. Get noticed by our 400+ hiring partners.

Mock Interview Preparation

Students will go through a number of mock interviews conducted by technical experts who will then offer tips and constructive feedback for reference and improvement.

One-on-one Career Mentoring Sessions

Attend one-on-one sessions with career mentors on how to develop the required skills and attitude to secure a dream job based on a learner’s educational background, past experience, and future career aspirations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate is a professional who is in charge of putting Azure tools and services into place, managing them, and keeping an eye on them. They do things like set up resources, manage security, watch speed, and make sure Azure solutions are always available.

To become a Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate, you need to know how to manage Azure subscriptions, set up virtual networks, manage Azure identities and access, install and manage virtual machines, and keep an eye on resources.

To get ready for the job, you can start by learning about Azure services and solutions, studying Azure administration concepts, and getting the right certification.

Yes, we do offer Job placement services after training to help you get a job. This assistance includes access to tools, help with making a resume, and help getting ready for an interview.

You can work on projects like making and managing virtual networks, launching and scaling virtual machines, configuring and managing Azure Active Directory, putting in place security measures, and managing storage resources.

Even though the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate exam covers a wide range of Azure administration skills, you can focus on specific areas like network administration, identity and access management, or infrastructure management.

As an Azure Administrator Associate, you can work as an Azure Administrator, a Cloud Administrator, an IT Support Engineer, or for a company that manages Azure resources.

Soft skills like communication, problem-solving, time management, and being able to work well with others are important for a good Azure Administrator Associate.

If you learn the basics of Azure, you can get jobs as a Cloud Support Specialist, a Cloud Administrator, a Junior Cloud Engineer, or in other fields connected to cloud computing and technology.