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Checkmateittech is the perfect way to take your tech skills to the next level. Our range of IT trainings cover everything from web development and computer programming to cybersecurity and Quality Assurance.


Making you ready for future challenges!

We started CheckmateITTech because we saw a need in the IT industry for more reliable and affordable training. We offer a variety of courses to help people learn the skills they need to succeed in the IT field. We are committed to providing our students with the best possible education and job placement assistance.

Popular Courses

A business analyst is someone who understands the company’s business and helps develop solutions to issues that arise.

Quality assurance, or QA, is a process that ensures the quality of a product. It’s an ongoing process that checks for any errors.

Cybersecurity is the act of defending computers, networks, programs and data from cyber attacks.

Data analysts are in charge of interpreting and analyzing data to provide insights for organizations.

Data Scientist is a new and exciting career choice which requires both coding skills as well as an understanding of statistics.

Salesforce is a popular CRM software that has been used by companies to manage important sales information.

The modern world relies heavily on the internet and in order to keep up with this demand, we need a reliable and scalable infrastructure.

Tableau software is a company that specializes in making data visualization tools for business.

A full stack developer is someone who has a deep understanding of the entire web development process, from server-side.

SQL is a language used to communicate with databases. It’s a standard for doing so and can be found in many different products.

Agile Scrum is a popular project management approach that can help you achieve productivity and get more work done in less time

If you’re looking to take your project management skills to the next level, the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a great option. 

What Services We Are Providing

IT Training

CheckmateITTech offers IT training to help people become more comfortable and familiar with using technology. The company has been providing IT training for over 10 years and has a team of experienced and certified instructors. 

Free Job Placement Assistance

 We offer a variety of services to assist you in your job search, including resume assistance, interview coaching, and job placement assistance. We have a team of experienced IT professionals who can help you land the job you want. Let us help you take your career to the next level.

Backend Support

CheckmateITTech offers backend job support for those in the IT field. Our experts are available to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance as needed.

What Our Students Say

Writing this review after completing the process, they are working on building my resume and then will prepare me for the interview. So far good experience. facebook – Got placed in a reputed company after completing Business Analyst training, thanks to Checkmate.

Amos Adeyemi

My instructor’s name was Shubham and she helped me throughout the training to understand the concepts of Business Analysis. Thanks to the institute for such good instructors.

Sophia Harper

I joined checkmateittech to learn Business Analyst and I’m glad I did. The instructors were good and I learned a lot. I would recommend them to others.

Samuel Stevens

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