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A business analyst is responsible for coordinating, developing and analyzing information systems. The knowledge of the business process helps them understand how an organization will use a system to solve specific problems. A business analyst may be required to work with various departments within a company such as finance, marketing, operations and engineering in order to help develop a solution that works best for all parties involved.

BA IT Certification

The Business Analyst in Information Technology Certification course will prepare you to enter the workforce as a business analyst. This certification covers topics such as: 

-Communication and interpersonal skills   

-Business processes and systems analysis  

-Project management principles and practices  

-Systems development life cycle methods and models. 

You will be certified by CheckmateITTech that promotes best practices in project management. This program can get you started on your way to success with just 2 months of study!

BA IT Salary

The Average salary of a BA in IT is $69k/y and depending on the experience, A BA in IT can make up to $120k/y.

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