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Quality Assurance Manual Testing

About Quality Assurance Manual Testing

Quality assurance has been a crucial part of the software development process for decades. Manual testing is one form of quality assurance and can be defined as the process of performing checks on applications, websites, or other pieces of software to ensure that they work correctly.

QA Manual Testing Job Description

The field of quality assurance continues to grow as technology advances and companies become more reliant on computer systems. Quality control is now a complex job that requires knowledge in both software engineering and human factors. The quality assurance tester has the responsibility of making sure that all programs meet certain requirements, such as: functionality, performance, reliability, usability and security. They must also be able to work within a team setting and communicate effectively with different departments at their company. 

The process of testing software for bugs can be long and tedious but it’s an important part of developing any product or application because it ensures that everything works properly before being released into the world (or even just your own organization).

QA Manual Tester Salaries

The Average Salary of QA Manual Testers  is $77,342 per year or $39.66 per hour. Entry level positions start at $59,250 per year while most experienced workers make up to $105,000 per year.

QA Manual Testing Certification

With the advancement of technology, there are many types of certifications available to validate one’s skills in a given field. Many certification tests can be taken online or at an institute and require passing with a certain percentage.  A common certification is the quality assurance manual testing which demonstrates knowledge on how to test different software applications by following specific guidelines. The goal of this type of testing is to show that any application will work as intended without crashing or having errors. We offer complete Certification of QA manual testing for 2 months and it’s all instructor led training.

Learn QA Course for QTP Testing

Software Testing Concepts

  1.   What is Software? And type of Software’s?
  2.  What is Software Testing?
  3.   What is Software Quality?
  4.  Project Vs Product
  5.  Why do we need Software Testing?
  6.  Error, Bug and Failure
  7. Why the software has bug?
  8. SDLC and STLC
  9.  Waterfall Model
  10. Spiral Model
  11. V-Model
  12. Different Type of software testing
  13. White Box and Black box Testing
  14. Static Testing and Dynamic Testing
  15.  Verification and Validation
  16. System testing types
  17. GUI Testing
  18. Functional Testing and Non-Functional Testing
  19. Test Design Techniques
  20.  Re-Testing and Regression Testing
  21.  Exploratory Testing
  22. Adhoc Testing
  23. Sanity Testing and Smoke Testing
  24. End to End testing
  25. STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle)
  26. Use cases, test cases and test scenarios
  27. Test Environment and execution
  28. Defect Reporting
  29. Test Closure
  30. Test Metrics
  31.  Defect life Cycle
  32. Understanding DEV/QA/UAT /Production environment, Branch and build process
  33. Understand of release process and smoke testing
  34. Introduction to Automation
Software Testing Project
  1.  Project Introduction
  2. Understanding functional requirement from FRS
  3.  Creating Test scenarios
  4. Creating test cases
  5. Test case execution
  6.  Bug Report
  7.  Test Signoff
Agile Testing + JIRA Tool
  1.    What is Agile
  2. What is scrum / Scrum Team
  3. What is sprint
  4.  What is User Story
  5. How to give story point / How to estimate user story
  6.  What is Definition of Done
  7. Different Sprint Activity
  8. Sprint Planning /Backlog Refinement /Sprint Review /Sprint Retrospective
  1.  JIRA
  2. TestLink
  3.  Bugzilla
  4.  ZAP
  5. SQL Basis
  6. Interview Preparation 
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