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Data Scientist

AboutData Scientist Course

Data Scientist is a new and exciting career choice which requires both coding skills as well as an understanding of statistics, data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence. This blog will explore the various aspects of this profession such as its salary, education requirements and how to become one. 

What does a Data Scientist do?

Data Scientist uses their knowledge in computer science and analytics to collect large amounts of unstructured data from multiple sources including social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. They then apply programming languages such as Python or SQL to analyze the data before presenting it visually using tools like Tableau or D3js. They may also work on predictive models for financial institutions which use historical information about people’s behavior in order to predict future actions by individuals.

Data Scientist Jobs Description

Data Scientist Jobs are a hot commodity in today’s society. It is an amazing field to be in and with the high demand, there will always be a job for you. There are many different types of Data Scientist jobs out there from healthcare, finance, marketing to retail. This blog post will give you the information that you need to know about data scientist careers and what it takes to get into this field.

Data Scientist Salary

The average salary for a Dataologist ranges from $100-150k per year depending on location and experience level as well as other factors such as industry specialization or company size. But one thing is certain: if you want your career prospects looking good – learn data science!

Data Scientist Certification

Data Scientist Certification is a hot topic in the business world. If you’re looking for a career that will have plenty of opportunities, then this might just be the right path for you. With our interactive lessons, you’ll learn how to create charts and graphs that can help companies make smarter decisions about their products and services. No matter what industry you’re in or what your career goals are, our courses can help give you an edge!.

Introduction to Data Science

Introduction to Python


Python Data Structures

Control statements and Loops


Lambda Functions

Exceptions and how we use in projects

OOP concepts & Database Access

Setting up the Jupyter notebook environment



Pandas (Data Manipulation)

Machine Learning

Supervised Learning

Unsupervised Learning

Project Implementation

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